View Street Studio

View Street Studio is tucked away in the garden of a 1920’s weatherboard home and was designed and a painting studio and gallery. The brief required the new building to nestle quietly into the only ‘left-over’ space; between the apple trees, main residence and print-making workshop.

The plan-form squeezes every inch out of the available site, while dealing with access and privacy for the dual functions of an everyday work-space and a gallery for exhibiting work. The brief also required custom storage racks to be designed. The racks, which are multi-layered and pivot from a central column, allow work to be permanently displayed and stored efficiently.

The Studio is clad in Western Red Cedar, a timber that was long admired by the client for the colouring and patina it acquires with age. The straight lines of the horizontal boards juxtapose the knobbly vegetation of the existing apple trees, and the repeating shiplap pattern breaks the tension between the new building and the existing structures.

A plinth runs the length of the south façade, providing a place to sit and enjoy the garden while negotiating the junction between the external wall and the sloping ground plane. The plinth terminates in a glazed ‘cube’ that signifies the point of connection between the painting studio and the print-making workshop. The glass cube allows sculptural objects to be displayed and viewed from the garden, bringing the gallery into the landscape. Internally the cube provides a glimpse of green amid the white interior.


Location | South Launceston, Tasmania

Client | Denise Campbell (Artist)

Builder | Roger Hume Builders

Photography | Sarah Lindsay / Josh Crossin