The Corner Store.

The Corner Store is located on a prominent site within Launceston’s semi-industrial city fringe and accommodates a mixed-use program with offices on Level 1 and 2 and a retail space on the ground floor. The site has been vacant for many years, since the removal of the original Corner Store, which inspired the project’s namesake.

Our design response draws heavily on local precedent to produce a thoughtful and sensitive addition to the streetscape. Significant cultural and industrial buildings characterise the immediate precinct and analysis of materiality, scale and the urban context were all key drivers in the conceptualisation of the building. The scale of the building carefully responds to the adjacent Alfred Harrap & Sons. Building on the opposite street corner, without challenging The Albert Hall for landmark status.

A robust material palette, derived from the gritty, industrial context is adopted, with Brick selected as a sustainable and contextually appropriate cladding. Aluminium battens respond to the steel structures of the Gas Works site and the awnings subtly mimic the sloping skillion roof of the original Corner Store. The inspiration for the colour palette originates in the cliffs of the Cataract Gorge, the banks of the Tamar River and the City Park. The juxtaposition of materials brings dynamism to the façade and lightness to the Brickwork. 

This project is an exercise in urban renewal and we were greatly inspired by our client’s enthusiasm and positivity towards regenerating this vacant site. Throughout the project we balanced the client’s brief to create a building with a strong aesthetic identity, with our desire to create a subtle building that sat harmoniously within the existing context.


Location | Launceston, Tasmania

Client | Milledge Bros. TAS

Builder | Cowan Building Contractors

Phase | Completed 2016

Photography | Jonathan Wherrett & Anjie Blair