Invermay Primary School - Learning Pods.

The five Learning Pods are functional and striking.  Their design responds to the contemporary teaching and learning spaces within the school and embodies the School’s ambition for uncluttered spaces and innovative design.

The Pods function as teaching aids through their ability to create spaces for children to learn in. Our aim is for the artwork to be fully interactive. The Students can wheel the Pods around the school and interact with them throughout their school day. A sense of ownership is created for the students as they have the opportunity to sit on the pods to read a book or put their work on display.


Location | Invermay, Tasmania

Client | ARTS Tasmania / Invermay Primary School

Builder | LXN Architecture (Design and Construct)

Photography | Josh Crossin / Sarah Lindsay


The Pods have been designed to come together as one large object, in a formation that is prescribed by their overall patterning. The students then fragment the Pods to form 5 smaller objects. The Pods reflect the identity of the school and the daily life of the student, materialised in the form of a multi-functional artistic object.

At spontaneous locations on the surface of the pods text is stencilled. The text has been selected for its relevance to the literacy programme and the lessons learnt through life at school. The Pods bring the text out of the books and into the life of the students. It is our ambition that the students will feel a resonance with some of these highly relevant quotes.