Berean Street.

Berean Street encompasses a 24m2 extension, housing a new kitchen and dining room, and renovation of the adjoining sitting room. The kitchen addition is flooded with natural light, oriented to the north, this room catches both morning and midday sun. A neutral colour palette was selected to amplify the natural light, providing a counterpoint to the rooms in the original 1920’s dwelling. Antique White USA was selected for the walls, ceiling and woodwork and is juxtaposed with stained floorboards to dramatic effect. The achromatic backdrop creates a versatile interior, allowing stronger and more saturated colours to be introduced through artwork and furnishings.


Location | East Launceston, Tasmania

Client | Private

Builder | Cowan Builders

Photography | Sarah Lindsay

The bold use of colour in the sitting room successfully provides a contrasting backdrop to individual objects and furniture pieces, accentuating their shape and form. 



The adjoining sitting room is modestly proportioned and conversely has little access to natural light. In this room we chose to evoke a sense of enclosure. Care was taken to select a colour with an intense hue to provide both warmth and brightness. Dulux 'Midas Touch' was chosen for its depth and richness; a colour that is particularly sensitive to changes in light; the sitting room has been enlivened by this colour selection.