milledge lane.

The site is located within Launceston’s semi-industrial city fringe and is surrounded by significant cultural and industrial buildings.

Our design response draws heavily on local precedent and our analysis of materiality, scale and the urban context were all key drivers in the conceptualisation of the building. The building acknowledges the height datum established by the Alfred Harrap & Sons Building and contributes to the streetscape by continuing the pattern of development along Cimitiere Street.

The creation of Milledge Lane and a retail focused ground floor responds to a human scale and creates a dynamic edge to the lane.

The vision for Milledge Lane is to create a vibrant urban lane that contributes to the wider precinct. Outdoor spaces are oriented to catch the sun and courtyards take priority over car parking. This design move is integral to activating the Lane by providing amenity to those who work at the site and creating opportunity for retail spaces to utilise outdoor space. We believe these design moves will enhance the experience of this precinct and provide additional amenity to pedestrians visiting the area.

A robust material palette, derived from the gritty, industrial context is adopted by the proposed building. Brick is a prevalent building material in this industrial precinct and is exemplified by the Alfred Harrap & Sons Building, the Boags Brewery Precinct and the Gasworks Site. Brick was selected as a contextually appropriate and sustainable building material for the development and is expressed through a playful and contemporary colour palette.


Location | 112 Cimitiere Street, Launceston

Client | Milledge Bros. Tas Pty Ltd

Builder | Fairbrother Pty Ltd

Photographer | Anjie Blair

Phase | Completed 2019